Tong Tong Holding B.V. and Pasar Malam Besar B.V. were declared bankrupt by the District Court of The Hague on May 14, 2024. Mrs. S.H. Broeseliske of FYRM. Advocaten in The Hague has been appointed trustee.

Tong Tong Holding B.V. and Pasar Malam Besar B.V. regret the bankruptcy. The trustee is investigating the possibilities for a relaunch and is working hard to ensure a proper settlement.

Creditors with a claim in the bankruptcy of Tong Tong Holding B.V. and/or Pasar Malam Besar B.V. can submit their claim by sending an email to Creditors who have submitted their claim will receive notice from the trustee.

For other questions, please send an e-mail to

Post-cancellation update 64th Tong Tong Fair


After the initial shock, we spent all day Friday trying to contain the damage for everyone affected by the cancellation of the 64th Tong Tong Fair (see post below).

Please understand that we can’t answer everyone’s calls immediately. Our team is simply too small. Plus, we don’t have more specific information at the moment than what we wrote in our very first announcement. It was particularly important to communicate the decision to cancel as soon as possible, so that participants (exhibitors, suppliers, artists, visitors, partner organisations) could immediately stop incurring costs. Until the very last moment we did everything we could to avoid cancellation.

Right now, our priority is to work in support of those affected. This also takes priority over responding to the overwhelming response on social media, and articles in news outlets. Media coverage is not always (entirely) accurate, but we are now focused on providing information to those directly impacted, like exhibitors and visitors who had already purchased tickets. Our goal is to notify ticketholders as soon as possible after 7 May.

We are truly moved by the massive outpour of support, and we feel at a loss for words. It also gives us confidence that a reboot could be possible. At the moment it is impossible for us to respond to every offer for help we have received. However, we hope to answer all of you personally later.

64th Tong Tong Fair Cancelled


We regret to inform you that we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 64th Tong Tong Fair (24 May – 2 June 2024).

Due to financial constraints, we are unable to host the event that we had planned and been working very hard on for the past few months. We are aware that this decision will come as a shock to many. We have tried very hard up until the last minute to find solutions to prevent this from happening.

We will now have to assess how, when and where the event can take place in the future. Visitors who have already purchased tickets will be contacted directly with further information.

Please understand that Team Tong Tong will not be able to answer all questions individually at this time.